We here at Freeze Air Conditioning© passionately believe that the highest levels of quality and excellence in the installation, maintenance and sale of quality air conditioning products are the key to revolutionizing the Air Conditioner industry!


We can help, contact us now on: +27 83 922 6190


We can help, contact us now on: +27 83 922 6190

The importance of the quality of the air that we breathe is often understated. Countless people believe that their air-conditioners simply regulate air temperature! The opposite is true. Poor management and maintenance of air-conditioners can lead to the aggressive growth of harmful bacteria, leading us to beg the question: “Why do people neglect the maintenance of their air-conditioner units?” The answer to that question lies in the fact that many air-conditioner companies DO NOT enlighten their customer to the health-affecting reason as to why keeping their air-conditioner units in shape is important! This is why we at Freeze Air Conditioning© aim to deliver, install and maintain our products (Industrial and domestic air-conditioning units, Cold or Freezer Rooms and Evaporative Cooling systems) with the intent of keeping our customers informed and updated! Our staff are kept knowledgeable on the latest, greatest and most extraordinarily advanced AC technology around and our workmanship is expected to be at the apex of excellence!


Clean & Easy Installations

An installation that leaves your home, furniture and Persian rugs dirty is NOT a good installation – yet SO many Air Conditioning companies disregard the importance of a clean job! Our installation strategies…


Post Installation Service, Maintenance & Repairs

The efficacy of your air conditioner unit is DIRECTLY proportionate to the QUALITY of your air conditioner! We see that too many people fail to preserve the condition…


Anti-bacterial Treatment

Do you know your aircon collects dust and bacteria over time – whether it’s working or not. This can be harmful to the human body!


Landscaping & Irrigation Establishment

Not only do we focus on making your interior lifestyle comfortable, we are PASSIONATE about making your exterior gardens comfortable on your EYES!

Beat the breeze – dangerously amazing offer by Freeze

Here’s why your air conditioner NEEDS servicing more often than you THINK!

The actual reason why proper maintenance of your AC unit does not lie in the fact that it “runs” but instead for the betterment of your HEALTH! A clogged-up, bacteria-ridden and half working air conditioner unit MAY change the temperature as you want, but leaves the air you breath of a quality that is actually HARMFUL to your health and lifestyle! Here are the symptoms to look out for!

  • Sludge in your drains
  • Water leaks popping up too frequently
  • The odour smells stale
  • Dirty coils or filters
  • A larger energy bill
  • The airflow is poor
  • Loss of efficacy
  • Your aircon is just not cooling/heating as it used to
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