The efficacy of your air conditioner unit is DIRECTLY proportionate to the QUALITY of your air conditioner! We see that too many people fail to preserve the condition of their AC units, and COMPLAIN when they fail and falter! We offer the highest level quality of post-installation maintenance and repairs, scheduled on our maintenance plan that makes it EASY for you to keep your AC unit in shape!

Prevention is significantly better than a cure!

Why spend heaps of money on a complete overhaul and repair for a broken air conditioner unit when you can plan proactively and do small maintenance check-ups consistently, to maintain the high quality of your AC unit? What can we do for you in this regard!

  • We clean coils on your evaporator and condenser coils!
  • We check your indoor and outdoor fan motors for the smoothest operation!
  • We check your fan blades for any damage or imbalance present!
  • We clean your AC unit’s coils with aluminium cleaner if necessary – This would be considered a CHEMICAL service
  • We clean your unit’S cabinets
  • We disinfect the indoor FILTER and internal coil with Freeze Wet Treatment©, capable of killing germs, bacteria or mould, eradicating spoors and removing bad odours – leaving your unit smelling fresh and clean!
  • We can check for possible leaks on piping and fittings
  • We clean CONDENSATION drains
  • We clean AND DISINFECT filters
  • We check your COOLING AND heating operations
  • We check your gas pressure if necessary – Whether it be a major service, your pipes are freezing up or no adequate cooling (a fundamental function of your air conditioner) is present
  • We strip and clean your AC unit’s coils and drain-pan if necessary – This would be considered a major service


An installation that leaves your home, furniture and Persian rugs dirty is NOT a good installation – yet SO many Air Conditioning companies disregard the importance of a clean job! Our installation strategies are manufactured and designed to leave your home, office or work space CLEANER than when we first found it! We are passionate about doing artisan-quality installations that leave your home clean WHILE simultaneously educating you about what the best and most recent AC units can do for you! This is why our installation teams are trained constantly, with the intent to keep them as skilled, updated and informed as what is IMPORTANT to you, our customer! This is also why we offer a 2-year workmanship warranty, PURELY to emphasize the level of excellence we wish to purvey throughout every installation!


Aircon Installations

Our experienced installation teams will install
• Midwall Splits (highwall split aircons)
• Underceiling splits
• Hide-away ducted
• Cassette splits
• Window Wall
• Air curtains



We are passionate about personalizing Cold-Rooms and Freezers in accordance with anything you want!

We offer all doors available, from architrave doors to normal hinged doors, panel or glass.


Evaporator Coolers

Evaporator coolers are an excellent additional option to air conditioners PURELY because it is cheaper to run and supply fresh air to your cool air! Evaporator coolers are designed in such a way that doors and windows MUST be open when in operation versus the standard air conditioner, that requires a closed environment always! Think about your HOT summer days! Different models include bottom, side, top discharge and Cascade evaporator coolers


Not only do we focus on making your interior lifestyle comfortable, we are PASSIONATE about making your exterior gardens comfortable on your EYES! Nothing is worse than having a terrific home or office, and have a REPUTATION-WOUNDING eyesore for a garden! This is why we use our 16 years of pure experience to do the landscaping for any domestic or small business premises, bent on ensuring that our clients remain happy with our service!


What is Landscaping?

To landscape a garden means to PERSONALIZE your garden according to the picturesque idea of YOUR perfect garden! This means that we do everything in our power to turn your garden from an average, undecorated garden into a beautifully constructed piece, personalized to suit YOU!



There’s no point in having a beautiful garden that requires you to physically water it yourself! It’s archaic and nobody has time for that! We set up both fully automated and manual irrigation systems, making sure that your plants, gardens and trees get the PERFECT watering amount!

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